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  1. Today Evernote is releasing Evernote for Android 7.14 We’re excited to ship further improvements to the Chromebook desktop and touchscreen experience including: A new layout for easier navigation to your notes Larger text size for better readability Control+N to quickly create a note Smoother handwriting on supported Chromebook devices Other bug fixes and improvements On the desktop side, we further optimized the layout for desktop use and added keyboard shortcuts to quickly create notes. For example, we added a third column to make use of the wider form factor, and you can create a new note by using Control+N. On the touchscreen side, we made some improvements to provide a natural writing experience. We set a goal for ourselves to make handwriting as fast and smooth as possible. The end result feels like writing on paper and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on this new experience. Evernote is excited about a future where the desktop experience and touchscreen experience blend together seamlessly to help you capture your notes at the speed of thought. We hope you enjoy these improvements to the Chromebook experience.
  2. The feature is currently in beta for Android. TBD when the feature will be generally available.
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for your feedback on this feature. We've released a setting to zoom the note body font size, so that you can adjust the font to fit your preferences. Just go to Evernote > Settings > Notes > Editor. Then slide to adjust the note body size. You can access this feature today in our beta build in the Play Store. Let us know what you think, we'll be making minor improvements to this feature in the future.
  4. Thanks for your feedback in this forum. We are working on a setting that will enable you to adjust the scale of the note body size in the editor. This will make it easier to view note body text in the Android Evernote app, at a scale that works for your personal preferences. The feature will be available in beta in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned.
  5. Thank you for your feedback and ideas in the forums on fingerprint lock. We’re very happy to deliver this feature in the Evernote Android app available now in the Play Store. Fingerprint scan is an enhancement to passcode lock. If you have a fingerprint on your device with Evernote’s passcode lock enabled, you have the option to quickly unlock Evernote with your fingerprint. Please note that the feature is only available on devices that support Android’s official fingerprint scan. Those of us on a small percentage of devices that have an incompatible fingerprint scan, like the Samsung Note 4, will be able to use passcode lock only. Please keep your feedback coming, we’re listening!
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