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  1. I have the exact same problems as @Barabasz. two-year-old iPad Pro 11" with Apple Pencil 2gen. Usually all my notes are handwritten directly in Evernote, since the Update this is impossible. Other Apps such als Moleskine FLOW are working perfectly, so it is definitely not a hardware problem. Double Tap to switch to eraser doesn't work either. Seriously, WTF. In one update my complete productivity flow was killed.
  2. Hello phil_out_east, meanwhile I noticed that in fact I didn't exactly printed what I saw, the text seems to align centred in a vertical line when the cell is larger than one letter-height. I couldn't find the print function on the new EvernoteWeb, however if you change to the old version (Dropdown Menu on your name, top left corner), cmd+p worked for the table, including the borders. Hoping this gets fixed soon, Regards, Nils
  3. Hello Jay-Bob, Thank you for the reply, if this is a known issue and not an intentional change I have absolute trust in the development team to get this fixed before I really start to need it. In the meantime I have tried the Web Workaround and it works, so this can be used, if really needed. Thanks again Regards, Nils
  4. Hi there, since I updated Evernote (now version 7.8 via the AppStore) on macOS Mojave version 10.14.2, I have problems printing tables. Before, when I printed a table created in Evernote, it printed the exact representation of what I saw on the screen. Now only the table contents are printed, without outlines and way narrower than before. I then tried to format the table via "Format > Table > Table Properties" and changed the Table Border to black, but this only changed the table on the screen, in print it was exactly the same as before. Because the tables are one of my most-used function on Evernote I'd like to get this issue to Evernote before I purchase Premium in a month or so, when I start to study at university. Does anybody here experienced the same problem and probably still does, and / or has confirmation from Evernote, or found a workaround? Thank you very much! Regards, Nils
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