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  1. Apologise if the way I said it was obtrusive. However, I don't think my voice is unrelated noise. I am just another normal user suggesting alternative solutions to people who had the same pain points as me. I am pretty sure that I am providing value here if there are just one or two people here whose needs are met with another solution. I don't think I am doing anything inappropriate. I am just here to suggest to people that there is another hospital which might treat the disease better, and you are basically saying stop bullshitting in this hospital, and everyone should just stay here, just because you are simply stuck in it. And yes thanks for reminding. I will switch the notification off.
  2. Guys, stop complaining here. I am sick of receiving notifications from this thread to my email box. Just switch to Notion!!! I loved Evernote, but their improvement frustrated me. I migrated everything to Notion 2 years ago and I am extremely happy with it! 1000 times better than Evernote and dropbox paper. It has all the quick styling functions and a lot more handy features.
  3. I love evernote, but I strongly advise Evernote to have the feature of applying H1, H2, H3... functions (with shortcut keys) to make styling text easier. Refer to another app BEAR. I am really tired of bolding and increase the font size manually every time. Thanks very much!
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