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  1. Why is it that only the owner of the notebook can create tags in it? There should be some way to grant full access to a user you are sharing with, even for the tags. I use this to store receipts for accounting purposes, and I've created Notebooks that directly correlate to my accounting codes...Advertising, Auto, Travel, etc. My employees use the mobile Evernote app to take pictures of their receipts and add them to the proper Notebooks so if we get audited we can easily find them. The problem is that they also need to tag the receipt with the customer and a chassis number (we sell emergency vehicles) so that those expenses are attached to a specific unit. That way those expenses come out of the commission for the vehicle and our P&L is correct. I've tried using QBO to keep track of receipts like this, but if the receipt isn't added on the exact same day as the expense it creates a duplicate expense...not good. So, this seemed to be the best option, but now that they can't create tags I'm stuck again. Is there any way to allow users to create tags in shared Notebooks?
  2. +1 here as well—this would save a ton of time on the back end!
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