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  1. I've heard multiple references to the "EN web app", and it seems as though the "EN" part is not in reference to language. Care to enlighten? I'm not talking about a web application that persists storage by any means. This is more a buffer: put things into storage for the current note so changes can be queued up to be sent when there's Internet connectivity again.
  2. Gmail figured out how to do offline access. HTML5, or maybe it's a browser feature (or both) has a system for storing data. Create a system where changes are stored up until the web application comes back online. This is opposed to the current behavior: if there's a hiccup when a save operation occurs (right after any change at all), the screen goes blank with an error saying it couldn't save.
  3. As a software developer, I completely understand the problems involved with trying to build--let alone maintain--a Linux client. For anything. Yep, it costs money, not enough user base, blah blah blah. Heard it before, been there done that, can't disagree. So instead of creating a full-on Linux client, why not BEEF UP THE WEB VERSION. I've been using it for a while, after abandoning things like NixNote and other similar attempts. I'm mostly happy with it... until I lose Internet for a second or two. I'll pay to get premium access if the damned thing works offline. Use offline storage. Only support modern browsers. All that stuff. Just make it work so I can type up some stuff when I lose Internet, and let it sync-up when I regain access. I've been using the web client for a long time. I'm super happy with it. I just now very nearly went and paid the subscription fee, even though I'm broke. But then.. why? Do I get the offline storage in my browser? I don't want to pay for something that I have to boot into Windows or fire up a Windows VM to use. TLDR: make the web app suck less if the 'net connection goes away.
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