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  1. Guru...attached is an image of one of my notes. Don't know how to link to it. Most of my notes are in this format. Image is left aligned with text in the "tight" format around it. All this is formatted with Word and pasted into the evernote Windows app. I have other notes that are right aligned and even in the center of the page. Often evernote places the text too tight around the image so, in Word, I usually add a back shadow that flows around the right side of image. That causes the text in evernote to wrap with a comfortable amount of white space around it.
  2. Previous statements that Evernote doesn't support this are greatly exaggerated. I have multiple notes with in-line graphics that look quite professional. I was able to copy them directly from MS Word. The Evernote web app doesn't support this. It is available thru the Evernote windows application. I won't call it a feature because I am not able to manipulate the formatting directly...only thru cut-n-paste from Word.
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