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  1. So I ended up installing the iPad version of Evernote on my MacBook with M1 processor (by downloading it using the free trial of iMazing I was able to obtain and install the ipa file on my macBook). The user interface seems to work fine (of course I can't pop out any windows like I can with the macOS version of Evernote), but the issue remains: I still can't search and find my notes. I get zero search results for certain queries. This seems to confirm that there is some server issue and that perhaps it's working fine on my phone because it has certain local cache files which allows it to still find what I need. However, I need to work on an important document for work, and not being able to copy paste quickly from my notes is a real dealbreaker. I'll have to do without for now, but I hope someone from Evernote will review this thread and comment on it. Hoping for a solution some time soon...
  2. I found a bit of time to do a test (basically because I needed access to certain notes) and ran the same search on Evernote on my iPhone as well as on my computer running macOS, and I got different result. I found 6 notes with a specific search query on my phone, and 0 notes with exactly the same search query on the computer. Both devices were connected to the Internet. While I understand that only the server is guaranteed to contain my complete collection of notes, there seems to be an error in the macOS version, in either the caching of local notes or search index information on macOS, or in the way the server search functionality is used. However, I tried by installing a very old version of Evernote (version 7) which still runs fine for a colleague of mine, and this also doesn't work for me. I tried to delete some cached files in my user's library folder on my mac, as I suspected there may be an issue with those, but this didn't help. I will try to continue using it on my iPad and iPhone, hoping to avoid the issue on macOS for now, even though I ran out of the amount of switches I can make to different devices since I'm using the free version of Evernote. I'd be happy to becoming a paying customer if it offered any specific value, but starting a paid subscription as a workaround for a bug in the free version doesn't really feel right...
  3. Is there a way to force using Evernote offline on macOS (without requiring any third party software to limit internet access to specific applications)? I understand this would limit searches to locally cached content - which would be way better than the current functionality were the searches I want to do yield no result at all...
  4. I installed the same version. Search doesn't work any more. Even if I go to the browser version I can't search any more. Some searches do result some results, but they don't yield the correct result. For example, it can't even find things that are obviously visible in the new Home page. I usually search by keywords in the title and I verified that the notes do exist - they just don't show up through the search functionality. I tried uninstalling Evernote, while also removing the folder with Evernote in the name in the "/Users/.../Library/Group Containers/" folder (on macOS Big Sur with M1 processor), and then installing Evernote again, but this didn't solve the problem. The weirdest part is that the issue started happening after I installed the update, but when I go to the web version (which I didn't use in ages) it has the same issue. A colleague of mine didn't update Evernote in a long while and still has version 7 installed on his computer. I'll give that one a try - hopefully it can temporarily alleviate the problem. If not we'll need to move to a different note solution since we use this on a daily basis with our sales and project management team of 3 people. I need to be able to retrieve previous sales call notes while in a call. Someone recommended 'Notion' as an alternative to Evernote which I will look into if we can't find a solution for this within the next 1-3 business days.
  5. I'm looking for a solution to export or move Evernote notes to Salesforce tasks. I didn't find anything that seems to match it, or that seems to guarantee that it will work. This is what I found so far: Evernote offers a solution through Evernote Business for Salesforce which integrates Evernote into Salesforce and links notes to Salesforce leads and contacts. However, I just want to take notes in Evernote and then have them added to my Salesforce leads and contacts as 'tasks', so they show up in the activity history. See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314408 Zapier seems to do something similar, but it does it totally automatic without any user input. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oa26or0s9U CloudHQ seems to have a solution, though they're not being specific enough, and it seems that I can only learn if it delivers what I need by actually trying it out and connecting it to my Salesforce account, which seems like a risk. See https://www.cloudhq.net/synchronize/salesforce/evernote Nothing very satisfactory. This is what my ideal solution / workflow would look like: I take notes in Evernote I press a 'move to Salesforce task' button when I'm done. This asks me to which lead or contact in Salesforce to add the task. If there is no existing lead or contact to attach it to, I'd like to create a new lead or contact. The note is now moved to Salesforce and removed from Evernote (or moved to a different notebook) Anyone any idea? Recommendations to change the workflow are okay. I just don't want my Salesforce to depend on Evernote in case I'd ever change to a different solution. I just want to use Evernote because it's convenient to take notes. I don't want my CRM to depend on it...
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