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  1. WINDOWS DESKTOP - Please allow full scrolling in the note. The new update makes you scroll the pdf's you come across unless you use the very right part of the screen. I like that you can scroll in the pdf but I would like it to be voluntary not mandatory by clicking with in the pdf window. My guess is most people don't scroll at the right side of the screen(maybe out of habit) but this is very very annoying. Everyone in my office has been complaining. It is wore for touch lap tops.
  2. I don't really get how it is different than what it was before except now you have another place to put notes and notebooks and making it more complicated for the novice user. The new Spaces just seems to act like a notebook stack. The only benefit I see is that you can see more recent notes or marked important. I am not sure why that couldn't be done in the original business workspace.
  3. I Have noticed Random Table squishing only happening in the Beta. a table will randomly shrink its column size to about 1 or 2 characters wide. I have to resize the tables when this happens. Please fix this issue. this doesn't always happen but it is very frequent. Also I like that the pdf attachments now size to the table block it gets inserted in.
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