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  1. I need help, please. I put a message somewhere and now can't find it. This is most unfriendly user help! I have used .Evernote for years and have been happy with it. My trouble began with changing from mini iPad to my new regular sized iPad. It freezes up on me when I choose a note to get into. 1. I have powered down iPad several times. 2. I have deleted and reinstalled many, many times. 3. It then works for a few minutes then freezes again. This will not let me attach any screen shot or the log. I got a screen shot of log before it froze, because after it freezes you can't do anything in the app. i have marked this to be emailed of a answer, but it didn't ask for my email. Hope I can find ''tis location again. There, I bookmarked it. Hope you can help me, because all my stuff is in this app and useless to me at this point. thank you!
  2. Ever since I got a new regular sized iPad, Evernote has not worked for me. It completely freezes up, and I can't even get to the log after it freezes. I have deleted and reinstalled a number of times. Turned off device, all these steps over and over. I might get to look at one note, then it freezes immediately. I love .Evernote, until now! So here is screen shot. I got in, chose my note, and it immediately froze. Of course it works on my laptop, thank .God. But I want my notes assessable on my iPad when I am on the go. That was the whole idea! Please, please help me! thank you
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