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  1. Hello! I love the Evernote program on Windows, although it crashes sometimes and can lag, it is still very useful with its many features, However on the iPhone 6, it is beyond saving, many times the app crashes, and when I need it in a hurry it is never reliable, even to the point of me rather forfeiting an idea than to take out my phone and write it down because of how much of a headache it has been over the past year. May I ask what is the problem? Updates are happening, in fact we even have a whole new format for Evernote...But still there is no improvements to the stability on the ios? Why is that? Best, Gene
  2. Thank you so much for clarifying that it is actually seperate notes! The ultimate goal would be to maintain the notebooks as well. Is there any way yo do that as well?
  3. Hey guys, So Im following this sites advice on how to backup notes. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313528-How-to-back-up-and-restore-your-data-in-Evernote-for-Windows I have a lot of notebooks and organization of the notes is very important to me, so when he says... _____________________________________ Option 1) Back up your data = Exporting as a .ENEX, when importing all the notes will lose thier ogranization and become one big note. That to me might as well not be a backup at all. ______________________________________ So i wanted to opt for Option 2) Restore your data Where I backup the Database folder. Now to test whether this Restore data backup works... 1) I installed Evernote on a different computer. 2) I then made "test" note" 3) Copied that Database(w/test note) 4) Then deleted the "Test note" and emptied ther ecycle bin so that now the only way "Test" note can come back is through the Database backup I made. 5) So on the new computer I logged into the same acc, synced the notes and "Test" note was not there = Good 6) Then I replaced the Database(w/out test note) to the Database(w/Test note) 7) However the problem then came that "Test" note never reappeared. So basically this tells me that either 1) I somehow did this wrong OR 2)The Database backup doesnt work when push comes to shove. ____________________ Could you guys shed some light on whether this is a problem with #1 or #2?
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