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  1. I recorded it on iPad When I changed the size of Evernote, It pushed multiple times.. 🤷
  2. I'm not using Sign-In with Apple But I lost all my notebook. (note is exist but my notebook list has gone.) I'm really really frustrated with Evernote.
  3. + same here I use iPad pro 4 th. It produced the reported bug when I changed the notebooks
  4. Bug Open the menu -> Select Notebook -> Select note And then Open the menu again, change the notebook -> 🤯 (Why push the new screen instead of keeping the current screen and just updating the left side of menu and contents? To be clear, before update the v10, the legacy app was not pushing the new screen!
  5. It occurred with any notebook. For example I have three notebooks - my ideas - planning - career When I tapped my ideas notebook, Evernote automatically creates the duplicates of my ideas notebook. I didn't capture the screen, but You can understand what my situation is.
  6. After the update, when I tapped the notebook Evernotr creates multiple of clone notebooks automatically. Is it just me or not? To be clear, native app is always better than cross platforms. Plz bring back to native app. I’m a subscriber for over the eight years. I really considering yo use other services.
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