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  1. I can't minimize my keyboard if I click to edit something in my note. I have to exit the note for it to disappear. And when I return I have to find where I left off which is really annoying.
  2. Thanks, I reinstalled Evernote and everything seems to be working fine, sorry if I wasted your time without trying to simply reinstall Evernote
  3. No, sadly it hasn't worked even on my old PC which also operated windows 10. It doesn't work neither on my browser, Windows app or IOS application...
  4. The spelling checker is on but it doesn't work, at all. I tried it with all sorts of incorrectly typed out words, sentences but the result is the same - nothing happens. Also tried disabling "Check spelling as you type" and do a manual check by using the hotkey "F7", no luck. I don't know if this is only for me, but this is an essential feature and this is the main reason why I'm currently debating whether I should move to Onenote.
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