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  1. @gazumped In the case of small teams, why would you want to publish to the whole company? I would just share the notebook with the members of the team. What I am looking for here is to avoid the step where each person has to go into the business summary area and add the notebooks to their list. I have a client who uses EN business and he keeps a notebook for each of his prospects/clients. He is an insurance agent so he gets 10-20 new prospects/clients a day. It is becoming quite time-consuming for him to go into the summary page each day and add the notebooks to his list. Since each of the notebooks is published to the whole company, it would seem easier to have them automatically show in your list and you remove them if you don't need them, rather than the other way around. @DTLow Even with everything in stacks, for this client, because the new notebooks are by client name, they show up all over his list due to the alphabetizing. When there are 20 new notebooks added each day, it can be hard to find the new notebooks within the list. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I am really looking for this to be an option for a business to turn on or off. I realize it might not work for every business, but there is a huge market out there of people who have client based businesses and I think it could be a great feature to have the notebooks automatically added to the list if you wanted them to be. I am finding as I work with business clients that there are a lot of manual things that could be designed in a more automatic way. On a different note, do you know if Zapier or IFTTT would work to perform this function since it is not an EN feature?
  2. I would like to request a feature. When a notebook is published to a company, that notebook would be shown in everyone's list as a "New Notebooks" area and people could just drag them into whatever stack is appropriate. When a company has a large number of notebooks created on a daily basis (like there is a notebook for each client), trying to add notebooks to their list each day can take a large amount of time while they wait for each notebook to sync as it is loaded to their list. I am finding that this is a limitation for companies that deal with a lot of notebooks and is often keeping them from using Evernote business. Thanks
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