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  1. @gazumped In the case of small teams, why would you want to publish to the whole company? I would just share the notebook with the members of the team. What I am looking for here is to avoid the step where each person has to go into the business summary area and add the notebooks to their list. I have a client who uses EN business and he keeps a notebook for each of his prospects/clients. He is an insurance agent so he gets 10-20 new prospects/clients a day. It is becoming quite time-consuming for him to go into the summary page each day and add the notebooks to his list. S
  2. I would like to request a feature. When a notebook is published to a company, that notebook would be shown in everyone's list as a "New Notebooks" area and people could just drag them into whatever stack is appropriate. When a company has a large number of notebooks created on a daily basis (like there is a notebook for each client), trying to add notebooks to their list each day can take a large amount of time while they wait for each notebook to sync as it is loaded to their list. I am finding that this is a limitation for companies that deal with a lot of notebooks and is often kee
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