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  1. Thanks DTLow but I want to allow other people using my devices to see most of my Evernote content. There are just a group of notes that I want to keep private. Do you by chance know whether Evernote is considering allowing users to lock notes or a while notebook?
  2. So it sounds like my plan should work because from what you said the protected content won't even be available on my iPhone but I will be able to access it on my mac. It just seems a convoluted solution to something that I thought would be an 'easy fix' by simply locking particular notes or a whole notebook.
  3. The example I am talking about is simply stopping people that use my devices from seeing particular notes/notebooks. Encryption is not required. One way that I came up with was to go Evernote premium, then start another account and put a passcode on that account then switch from one account to the other as required. Would that do what I wanted?
  4. Please allow us to lock individual notebooks with a pass code. I understand you can lock Evernote with a pass code but I am talking about locking individual notebooks and its associated notes from others.
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