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  1. Yep, and this would be very helpful as I do a lot of reading and saving on my mobile.
  2. I like to have great notes in evernote. I organize them in notebooks with a general theme, e.g. productivity. Now I would like to read through them on my mobile one after the other. Currently this involves clicking on one note, read it, go back to the list and click on the next one. For me to be able to go directly to the next note in the notebook would be an absolute killer feature. Currently I only know the the OneNote Desktop Version 2016 is able to do this.
  3. Hi, I use evernote extensively with my iphone. Though it is really simple to share note from any place, what is really a bummer is the fact that - as opposed to the webclipper - I always save the whole website including comments, the imprint etc. Is there a way to set the default ciipping in the iphone app to "just article" as is the case with the webclipper? As currently I always have to go in the web app or desktop app and clean up the saved page.
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