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  1. Agree! I have a lot of files that I use pictures in. One of my hobbies are RC car racing, and I save a lot of settings for electronics, car setup and so on. An easy way to save info you find on the net is with pictures. But also to set up a picture to be the thumbnail pic or icon if you will. This has worked ok till now, less than 2 weeks ago this worked by saving when you set just one picture in the file. Then save. Then it was set as long the picture was in th file. And you could add other pictures without any issues. But not anymore! What are Evernote really doing? Another thing, I use the Android version a lot, and all of a sudden the function where you "Set to homescreen" shortcut on your phone (hope that is what it says in English). But it now fails to add a thumbnail picture to the file. It just don't do it anymore... I have a strong feeling that Evernote has more or less have "monopoly rights" as they are the only one with so much functions compared to other. So they don't care. At all And yes, I have tried others or similar apps too. They don't have the capacity as Evernote. That's good for us, I guess. But at the same time many of us pay premium and should expect more from a giant as Evernote are. I pay premium, but for what? So, if a kickstarter was started for a better nite app, and based on a total different coding structure I would definitely go for that! Complaining to Evernote do not help at all. Tried that... I'm really debating with myself to cansel premium, as it do not give you anything than disappointment and grief... Sorry for the long rant, while quoting you...
  2. Hello, I have the same issues as well. When on the "run" and you have time to finish up some lists, remarks etc, you can not make any text as a hyperlink... You have tho put a loooong url under what you are referring to. Very very cluttered! Then, when home you need to go home send edit still of this, spending more time that you are trying to save I the first place... Hmm... I do see the challenge with mobile phones to some extend have to be more lightweight than on the computer interface. But something like this should really be implemented a long time ago. I chose Premium not because off the PC version, but for the flexibility of the app on an Android/ Apple phone(s). Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated. Have a nice day, Erik
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