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  1. Hi Guru, thank you for your respons. I have Android version 5.0.2 and Evernote version 7.11 GA. To me it looks like it is Evernote itself instead of an other application. I've already reinstalled Evernote, but the strange menu keeps appearing. By coincidence I just found out that there is a copy paste sign at the far right of the menu, but it's only visible when I flip my phone horizontal. I've tried to change the settings, but so far without success. Do you have any clues? Again, thanks in advance! Simon
  2. Hi guys, After the last Evernote update on android I'm no longer able to use the copy-paste function on my Android device ( HTC one 7). Before the update, I was able to copy text in a note by selecting the text and than pressing the appearing copy sign. Now, if I select text, 3 options appear: - PS - A: (layout) - Simplify layout If I press 'PS' long enough, it says 'easy coping', but even though I've tried different things, I'm not able to copy text anymore. Who will help me out? Thanks in advance. Simon
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