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  1. I was just notified of a release of a new beta. I’ve gone back to the Legacy version so I can use AppleScript. Without going through the hassle of adding and then deleting, have there been any changes in the new beta that will allow AppleScript use? Or if someone could tell me a “simple” way to automatically send a note to the Inbox or a specific notebook from Mac Big Sur.. Thankis.
  2. I'm now having to use Neat for Mac online with an Epson ES-500W since they've obsoleted the stand-alone version that I was using, and I don't like it at all. I've been reading up on Evernote as a replacement. One of the programs that came with the Epson scanner is Document Capture, which has an Evernote direct link button on, but every time I try it, the program crashes. I've called their support and, after checking, was told that Document Capture on a Mac doesn't work with Evernote. Is anyone using an Epson scanner with Evernote on a Mac (Sierra) for receipts successfully, and if the answer is yes, what workflow are you using to transfer or sync the pdfs? Thanks.
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