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  1. Many thanks for the continued help. Given that an earlier version of the missing Note ended up in Trash in February, but that the updated version continued to be live in my Mac app (if not the iOS app) until last week, can you think of anywhere where the four-month-old "phantom" version of the Note may now be lurking?
  2. I have upgraded to Premium. Note History looks like a great feature. But I'm not sure how I use to find a missing Note, as it seems that you need to be within a Note in order to hit "i" and access Note History. Is there another way in that allows you to search all historical instances of all Notes?
  3. Thanks for your help DTL. I have tried the web version too and the experience is the same as the desktop app: the four-months-old version I found in Trash is visible but that's it. What's next?
  4. A really important note disappeared yesterday. The disappearance seemed to follow a couple of failed attempts to Sync by the Mac app, then an "indexing" process began that sent me right back in time in Notes view. I haven't noticed any other missing notes as yet. It might be relevant that this same note -- one that I use more than any other -- had for some time not been appearing in the mobile app in either Notes or searches that ought to have found it, even though it was behaving normally in the Mac app. Clearly that should have sounded alarm bells. I've been through the steps in Support. I have found an older version of the note in Trash, but unfortunately four months' worth of changes mean this is scant consolation. I am not a Premium user hence no Note History. I'm clinging to the hope that a note I was using quite happily only 24 hours ago can't be that hard to retrieve. Fingers crossed.
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