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  1. With Evernote for Windows 10.3 (Business Users), when you add an existing tag to a note, autocomplete shows all the tags used in the entire organisation. Some tags contain confidential information that cannot be shown to by all users. This is a serious issue for us, I hope it will be solved in a future release.
  2. I am still having this issue, even after last Evernote update. This is really annoying. It prevents me to deploy the new version in our company (Evernote Business users)
  3. Hi, Thanks for your answer, Tested on both Win7 and Win10. Tested on local and network files Link re-creation does not work Link modification by replacing the � with %E9 does not work either.
  4. Since update 6.16 (or 6.15), hyperlink to a local file with accent into the path does not work anymore. Instead of having a %E9 (é) in the path, now it display � and the link does not open anymore.
  5. If you try to set the same characters attributes for whole column/line, all selected text just toggle instead of uniforming. Also, new lines does not remember the characters attributes, only the background.
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