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  1. As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, this is STILL an issue! 6 years later! Evernote, please fix this!
  2. @DTLow, thanks, but I prefer to have my notes alphabetical. So, as you can see, this poses a problem!
  3. @RonF93 Yes, when I create a note, and it is originally listed as "Untitled," it is selected in the snippet view. However, once a title is added, it disappears into the list per my sorting and then I have to scroll or search to find it. I'm using Evernote for Mac, latest version.
  4. Hi @gazumped, thanks for your response. Typically I create new notes in the notebook where I want them. So, in that case, it would make sense that the snippet appears in the sidebar and then one can perform options on the snippet (thinking of it like an email message in a sidebar).
  5. Hi there, It is very frustrating when I create a new note (in a notebook with many notes) and the note snippet does not appear in the sidebar -- instead, I must either scroll or search to view the note snippet. The user should automatically be taken to the note snippet in the sidebar once created. I hope this makes sense! It would make duplicating or moving the note MUCH easier.
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