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  1. Ok. That means for a guy like me into IT and operations have multiple tasks to be done which are planned ofcourse. Hence for every activity I can't afford to create multiple notes and feel it will be a huge list to manage daily.
  2. Hello, I have recently subscribed to the premium version of Evernote and loving it everyday. However got a feedback to the team which I feel will help the users. That is on the to do tasks on notes. While Iam able to add the checkboxes on the notes, I feel it will be helpful if the application can add the dates of creating these to do tasks automatically and the date on which they have been marked completed. This I feel will help the users get to know the time taken (in days atleast) for completion of tasks which can help us better plan. This of course can be a configurable item at the set up level. I look forward to see if this can be taken up by the dev team. Regards
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