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  1. If this isn't brought back as soon as possible, I'm moving on. I have thousands of pages in my Evernote notebook, and the web clipper is completely useless. This should be priority number one. And while you're at it, PLEASE ALLOW HORIZONTAL RESIZING of the web clipper. Jesus, stop making ***** to fit on 800x600 monitors, it's 2018
  2. This breaks web clipper COMPLETELY for me, due to the following reasons (re-iterating here for clarity, I'm absolutely positive that the posters above are well aware of these): 1. No more autocomplete function. WHY??? This makes no sense. I have thousands of notes and dozens of Notebooks, and you feel that the ideal user experience is to painfully scroll through them and select the one I want? 2. Fixed width selection window, combined with #1, means that I can only read the first third of a notebook title, and in my organizational scheme, many of them all appear to have the exact
  3. Cannot agree more strongly with both of the above two comments. I am a premium subscriber, and the two items that would make EN so much more useful and robust, would be the way it handles PDF's, and the way in which it handles tables. I would love for Evernote to be a OneNote killer, but these are two items that need serious improvement.
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