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  1. No, I will do it by hand. I'll right click on a note I finished with and mark it as "done" or by choosing "move to archive " if there is available option.
  2. So why not give a way of displaying notes statically so I can manually drag and drop notes into position to view them. Just one more option and I really like it.
  3. "Done" notes are notes I have finished working with. It contains the jobs I finished and no need anymore. I don't continue working on these but I want to archive them for future reviewing or something something. I'm a simple user and I do not want to complicate the stuff. I have problems with those programming-like commands.
  4. Hello. I use evernote to keep track of my to do works. And I have plenty of notes or so keep displaying on the screen. It messed everything up. Many of works I have done and the notes I want to hide from the displaying. I don't want to permanently deleting them but just remove them from the list I'm seeing. Could you give the option to move these into archiving, so when there is a finished job I done, I will remove them and moving them into the archive folder, the list will be tidier. When time I want to have a seeing them, I just open the archive folder to see those works I finished. It will be a great job. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hello. Could you please give the way to display the notes by importance or priority. I have plenty of notes and it's very painful to look for notes I'm working with because over the time I update them, the notes order change. Could you give the option to add note priority as numbers and in the "sort notes by" option you give in "sort by priority". In that style of display, notes order won't change in any way and the most important note will come first by priority. I want to do this because I have many things to do and plans to work, each in a note, and I want to follow them as a work flow. In this style of display it is static and we can manually reorder them by click or tapping on them and drag away into order and overtime it'll no change. When we create a new note, just put it somewhere in the first or last position. Just one more option to sort the notes by please. Thank you very much.
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