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  1. Thanks. I think that it must be when using Evernote in a web based browser. The pdf's and docs that I want to remove on that interface show up on the Chrome interface as links. A right mouse click shows a menu which has choices for copying and saving the image, but cut, copy, paste, and paste as plain text are all greyed out. left mouse clicking on the link loads it on a new web page, but there is no option to delete it there. However on my laptop, where Evernote comes up independent of the web browser, they are not listed as links, but as images, and as you say, they can be deleted with a ri
  2. If I want to update an Evernote page, removing an old file (pdf) and replacing it with a current version, or even just deleting a file, there seems to be no option for doing such just on the file. The whole page can be deleted, Ctrl-A will select all, but an individual file, doesnot seem to offer a delete choice (e.g., on right clicking)
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