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  1. I had to sign into evenote proper - I don't even get an option to sign in on the clipper. Now it's just a white drop-down page and I can pretty much just cut and paste onto it - no other options. It had worked great for years and now this. I am soooo disappointed. I recommended this to people when it was working...now I wish I hadn't.
  2. I am having a similar problem, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now when I click on it I get a white note pad type drop-down, and it says I can drag over content or save a window's worth - which won't work because it won't scroll down information. All of the other options - adding tags, url, etc., are gone. I am on Mac OS 10.11.6, using firefox 53.0.2 and have tried web clipper 6.2, 6.9.3 and It was working fine a month ago and I have used it for years. Any help is very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your idea - unfortunately I just tried it and my firefox was too recent. So I tried the 6.9.3 and it still does not work. When I watch the video on the evernote site, it shows the web clipper having options like it used to. Now all I get is a white note pad coming down where I can drag notes - which also does not work. All of the adding tags, saving url, etc are gone. I don't understand what happened. Any other suggestions are appreciated. My firefox is 53.0. I've had web clipper for years and now it suddenly won't work. Thanks!
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