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  1. I am about to do just that, my MacBook Pro having just died. I'm waiting for delivery of a new iPadPro (with Apple pencil). I'm also a long-time fan of Evernote and am hoping to be able to do everything and more with my new iPad that I used to do with my laptop. Watch this space...
  2. I recommend the following way to resolve conflicts due to synch errors:- Double click note with conflicts to open a separate window with the note Align that window with the display of the same note in the E/N display panel Scroll down to the top of the note below the "Conflicting Modification" banner in the separate window Now you can easily compare versions of the same note for differences - I use copy & paste to make corrections to the note in the display panel - and delete the text in the separate window as I go... When you get to the bottom of the note in the separate window, you should have deleted all of the text below the "conflict" banner All done! It's a manual fix, but easy to implement - and no need for other software.
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