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  1. Throwing in my two cents to see if it will help the discussion. Been using Evernote for a while now but never really went all in. Decided to go full digital and was looking for a way to take notes and grabbed the iPad. This is an older one that works great to watch movies, search the web, check e-mail and just about ever thing else I had been doing. Unfortunately the iOS is old, and can't be upgraded, so I don't have access to the app. The Todoist site opens fine but Evernote is the hold up because it won't open in Safari. My plan was to use it for hand written notes, like I take with my phone, only on a size that is usable in a meeting. If everything works well then I would invest the money to get a newer device but I don't want to spend the money just to try it out. I'm one of those guys who takes very good care of his technology so I would need to spend money to replace a perfectly good, and in great condition, iPad to a newer iPad with no real improvement to anything else I do. Now I completely understand the reasoning for blocking people from using a mobile browser to push them into buying premium but even that would not help me. If premium included mobile browsers it would allow people like me to use legacy devices that are in perfect condition while still providing Evernote with the revenue they are driving for.
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