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  1. You were right, widening the sidebar brought the options back. Thanks for your help. This is really terrible design on Evernote's part, to make options disappear with no indication of why or how. Showing the options grayed out with a tooltip explaining why would be far better.
  2. I upgraded to version 6.11 and am still missing that option. Here's a screen shot of what it currently looks like. Any idea why I have different options while running the same version?
  3. At some point the Recent Notes section disappeared and I can not figure out how to bring it back. I'm on OSX with version 6.3. I read one thread that suggested it would be under View > Sidebar Options, but it is not listed there for me. The only options are: Notebooks, Tags, Atlas, Work Chat, New Chat, Hide Recent Chats, and Use Light Sidebar. The recent notes section saved me a lot of time and it would be great to have back. Thanks for you help.
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