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  1. Hello, Thanks for your replies. I appreciate the link to support, may try this. I have about 75 notes across about 10 notebooks, mostly just text.
  2. This is really getting irritating. When using Evernote in Windows, there is this hesitation when switching from one note to another. Be in one note, click on another in the note list. You have to wait a good 1-2 sec for it to switch over. Be typing a note, the text goes unresponsive for 2-4 sec. This sort of thing. (I'm using a perfectly good, powerful, fast PC with an SSD.) I doubt this will rank very high for developers. But let me tell you, it happens all the time and it disrupts the sense of flow in your work. And if you have a lot of things you are doing in Evernote, it gets real old, real quick. Probably just me, but I find it downright infuriating after a while. It's enough to make me think about exploring competing apps. The requirement is thus: For this app, on a modern computer (heaven sake it's 20-flippin'-17), there should never be a human perceptible pause or disruption in response. Period.
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