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  1. I have been paying for premium for years but now it shows "upgrade to professional" i changed my pw and re-logged on and still the same. I don't recall getting an email so I am really confused. Can you help?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I have changed my display name to myvm 12122013.

  3. How do you convert back? I am trying to decide on whether to have a look-see at the beta but i don't want it to mess up everything i have. Good to know you can revert - can someone tell me how to do that?
  4. Hi there - I was in IT on the software side for many years, but we all know a lot changes. i am not to proud to ask for help. So here i am. I would really like more info on: "I've also used IFTTT scripts to link Gmail into my Evernote account and forward emails with keywords, or from specific addresses, into a notebook. Other applications will automate converting gmails into tasks or notes or calendar appointments, or will set up Evernote reminders when required." I am VERY new to EverNote - just trying to navigate the basics - but i would really like to integrate as much as i can. Thanks! w2t
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