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  1. dear, the difference is the visibility. as an attachment you see nothing in the pdf of powerpoint. as an image you do... see it as a print preview. but you can work with it. reading, searching, maybe edit (not necessary) maybe adding comments to it. off course you can print it out physically but isnt it the point to have all your notes and work in one place? im a premium user and would benefit a lot if this would be possible... but it doesnt need to be an image. that is the work around that im using now... KR
  2. Dear, It would be an excellent functionality if you could import PDFs and powerpoints as imiges and scannable. In general, instead of dragging in PDFs, and powerpoint presentation as an attachment, you get, a bit like Windows onenote the possibility to import the printout. You actually get a real choice. I'm really sure that this would help a lot of people. Now you have to print the page as jpg and import it one by one (to keep the normal sequence). Not handy, this day and age if you have powerpoints of more then 100 slides... Kind regards
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