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  1. Children, Children...lets not fight over this..its a simple feature request! Thank you for all the insight, I will look into PhraseExpress etc for the time being! Have a happy New Year!
  2. Thanks for the feedback as I find it really interesting on how others structure tags as I am going through a setup of Evernote Business for my business and struggling with appropriate level of detail on tags and also how to keep my arms around it so random and meaningless or duplicate tags don't appear. Really though, I have no issue with my technique being brittle (at least when used by me as an individual, it would be more problematic in a team environment). I don't create notes 10, 5 or even 3 at a time. I create notes one at a time and I have to title all of them individually anyways,
  3. I do make use of the shortcuts to saved searches already, those are awesome. Had not thought of saving the search parameters in the note and the script sounds interesting, unfortunately not familiar with the script language used to do such a task. (I took lots of C and C++ back in college days but haven't used it since). Any guidance on where one could go to learn to write such a script?
  4. I use it in my personal accounts as well to keep my tags organized. It is as simple as dragging and dropping to nest them. I can't do this is Evernote Business. Also, iOS does not support nesting as well. (you can't view them in that manner)
  5. I make heavy use of saved searches. I basically use saved searches as a "Project View". So if I have a project going on, or am planning a trip I create a project title (i.e. - "Kitchen Remodel 2017" or "Family Disney Vacation 2018") and title every note related to that project with that project title somewhere in the title of each note related to that project. I also put a tag called "Projects" on the note. I then can create a saved search that includes the project title (I.e. "Kitchen Remodel 2017) and the tag "Projects and I can see all relevant notes very quickly. To help maintain consisten
  6. I have all three accounts signed in on my Windows machine at work and my mac at home just like you and can switch between the 3 of them easily enough. When it comes to the iOS version of Evernote they only let you sign into one business account and one standard (non-business) version account. So I can be signed into my business account and one of the other two non-business version accounts. Looking to be able to be signed into all three on a iOS device just like on the windows PC or Mac at home. Not so much because I am sharing data between the two personal account so much as the two personal
  7. Two Items specifically: 1. Be able to nest tags for organization purposes (i.e. - If I want a tag for each department, let me nest them under a top level hierarchy tag called "Departments" 2. Ability to lock down the creation and modification company wide so only Evernote admins (or other select people) can create or change Tags. I'm worried I'll end up with a billion random and closely related tags because employees mistype or slightly change (i.e -use a plural instead of a singular: 'New Designs' vs. 'New Design')
  8. I have a personal evernote account and a second account that was created when I converted my 'business' use account to Evernote Business and then my, now formal, Evernote Business account. At this time I am not sure I want to combine my two personal accounts (one for home life and one for work). Please make it so I can log into more than one personal account on the IOS app!
  9. With the way I have chosen to organize my notes within Evernote, I have a master list of projects it would be nice to create a link to run a saved search. I create a "table of contents" if you will that represents all the various projects I have going at work. I view all the relevant notes to a specific project through a saved search (generally a combination of text that is in the title of every note associated to the project and a tag or two). It would be nice to link the title of each project on my table of contents type page to a saved search that displays all the relevant notes associated
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