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  1. It appears the last post is near a month old. Has anyone found the reason and fix (not a workaround)? Some on this thread seem to disbelieve the issue. The ability to, in my Evernote Android app, open a document (excel, word, pdf, etc), make an edit, save the change (that is replace the same document in my Note), have Evernote retain the change and sync across all my devises was a key feature and reason I adopted Evernote. It was seamless... I used it regularly and again, is why I went all-in with Evernote. This feature HAS WORKED for many years and has just recently stopped. Isn't the integration of attachments a fundamental of their app? I can't believe this doesn't work any longer and it is leaving me to search for alternative products. A workaround is a temporary solution. If this feature doesn't revert back, Evernote's use to me is greatly diminished. I'm surprised that it is so hard to find information on this topic. The message I see when I open a document from and Evernote note in Android is exactly this... "This document has been opened from DATA STREAM. Changes can not be saved." Some further information: With reluctance, I did a factory reset on my device last week. I tested this feature right away (It is the only reason I did the reset!). The feature worked to great relief. I have minimal apps installed, and no new apps were installed after the successful test. But now somehow the error/issue persists again! I'd love to hear if anyone has any new information to share, or if my brief ability to use this feature after a reset sparks some ides. Especially since info on this topic is sparse. Thanks. Sincerely, Ken
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