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  1. Thank you for you response and the links. I will give them a try as well. I posted this here after searching the forum and seeing that there were several responses from Evernote staff. That said, I believe that, while uber recognition ability may not be completely feasible at this time, having the ability to force the image to a business card for recognition is essential. Too many times I have scanned a card where the software did not recognize it as a business card and it was the traditional 3-1/2 by 2 inch size. People are getting very creative with business card style and shape and having the ability to select business card in additional to image and PDF only makes sense these days.
  2. More and more I'm receiving business cards that are in a shape not commonly associated with a business card. For example Moo has cards that are very narrow and long, about 1/3 the height of a normal business card. People are using round business cards, business cards that are square shaped and many other shapes that are not recognized by Scannable as a business card. How can I force the recognition of a business card, and once that's accomplished, initiate OCR in order to get the information populated into the appropriate fields. There seems to be a chasm between taking a scanned image, not recognized as a business card, and converting it into a business card with the appropriate data fields available and populated. While I do like having my business cards scanned, with the available image stored in Evernote, without the ability to convert a scanned image, not recognized as a business card, into a business card I'm essentially forced to perform a manual entry (like I had to do last century—way back in the 1900s) into my contact application. I believe that this is a situation that scannable should have a solution for, either recognizing a business card based on the content contained in the scanned image, or offering the ability to force the transition from a scanned image into a business card image with OCR. Please help!
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