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  1. Thank you for you response and the links. I will give them a try as well. I posted this here after searching the forum and seeing that there were several responses from Evernote staff. That said, I believe that, while uber recognition ability may not be completely feasible at this time, having the ability to force the image to a business card for recognition is essential. Too many times I have scanned a card where the software did not recognize it as a business card and it was the traditional 3-1/2 by 2 inch size. People are getting very creative with business card style and shape and hav
  2. More and more I'm receiving business cards that are in a shape not commonly associated with a business card. For example Moo has cards that are very narrow and long, about 1/3 the height of a normal business card. People are using round business cards, business cards that are square shaped and many other shapes that are not recognized by Scannable as a business card. How can I force the recognition of a business card, and once that's accomplished, initiate OCR in order to get the information populated into the appropriate fields. There seems to be a chasm between taking a scanned image, not r
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