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  1. The only thing I need Evernote for is speaking into my iphone and having Evernote write down my words and then I sync it to my iMac. It does not write anything any more when I speak. I tried to press the mic but that only records. That is not why I have Evernote. I unistalled the old version and downlaoded the new several times as told by support. No luck. If Evernote can not do this simple task- which is the only reason I have it- then it is worthless to me and my work time is really compromised. What is the problem? It was so easy before.
  2. On the old Evernote on my iphone I was able to speak into phone and Evernote would write my words and then I could sync to imac and do my editing. Now it does not write ANYTHING down when I speak into Evernote. I uninstalled and re-installed sevreal time as directed by support. The mic only records stuff. I want it written by Evernote as I speak into it and then sync to imac as I said. So ismple. What happened. If it can not do that-- it is worthless to me.
  3. Ok so now it doesn'Int work. All I want to to is speak and have what I say written down on my phone in the evernote app and then sync it to my iMac. Now it does not do that.
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