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  1. In additio to IFTTT, there is a 3rd party tool called TaskClone that will send your tasks from Evernote to ToDoist via API. Simply use the tag "Task Clone" in any note that you've used a check-box and the task is sent to ToDoist
  2. I am a very heavy EN user and use it for both my personal and business lives. I manage an extensive project portfolio along with Project Managers, Business Analysts and Technical Writers. Obviously, task management is the center of all that I do. When I first started using EN, I tried to ween myself off of my Franklin-Covey paper-based system. While EN is a fantastic workspace and knowledge depository, I struggled to implement a workable task management process or system. Like others, I integrated my daily routine and processes with a 3rd party tool. Specifically, Task Clone. Not only does it integrate with EN, it integrates with a number of existing Task Management tools and apps, like ToDoist and ToDo-Cloud (and there are about a dozen others). Task Clone is web-based and once set-up makes task management much easier while using EN as my workspace. Whenever I am taking meeting notes, employee discussion notes, or even daily journal entries, I use the check-box bullet in EN and then tag the note with "Task Clone." Task Clone comes behind, adds |EN| in front of the task and sends it to my In-Box in ToDo-Cloud. With this process, it does not matter where I create a Task or To Do within EN, everything gets consolidated into an actual Task Management tool. (I apologize if this has been shared previously)
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