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  1. It's not just "some circumstances", it's any time your evernote database goes over a fixed size. The size is approximately 4GB, but someone could narrow this down. Or heck, just ball park it a little low. The 32-bit memory limitation of 32-bit apps doesn't change depending on the machine. It's 4GB. Ok, 4GB minus other memory the application is already using. if (evernote_db_size > 3gb || free_memory < evernote_db_size) { radio_button_single.enabled = false; radio_button_mhtml.enable = false; } Furthermore, how about a user friendly message when memory is almost depleted? "We're sorry, but the available RAM for this application is running low, so the export has been aborted. Please click here for a knowledge base article." Not quite the halting problem, is it? Keith
  2. Windows 10. I should have mentioned. On Windows, it's a 32-bit app. No 64-bit app is available (yet?) Evernote Support confirmed the problem I was seeing was client side, with the client exceeding available ram for a 32-bit app during a large export. My "note database" is approaching 5GB, so depending on how they do the export, it's no wonder it is exceeding the ~3.75GB limitation of 32-bit apps. I could probably break the notes into chunks for exporting. The other thought is that maybe using a single HTML or MHTML isn't really a brilliant idea for exporting so many (large) notes. Maybe my browser would crash trying to display something that large. Of course, Evernote should essentially not let the user select those options which are known to crash. They could, for instance, disable those options when the overall database is over a certain size. Thanks.
  3. I've been trying to keep my Evernote backed up, and attempting to do so in multiple formats to ensure that I have something that can be parsed/imported later. With 4000 notes, including a large number of scanned images and PDFs, the current 32-bit Evernote application crashes when exporting all notes in "Single-page html" or web-archive/mht. It took me a little while to track down what was happening, but essentially Evernote is consuming a large amount of RAM during exporting those formats. The used memory increases until it gets to about 3.5GB and then crashes. The error messages in the activity log file look like this "date/time [pid] CBuffer: Failed to allocate xxxx bytes of memory." There should be a few of them before the app crashes. The computer has 32GB of ram, and could certainly support a temporary increased usage to facilitate the export. A 64-bit version would be nice to avoid these types of limitations. Thanks Keith
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