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  1. It's not just "some circumstances", it's any time your evernote database goes over a fixed size. The size is approximately 4GB, but someone could narrow this down. Or heck, just ball park it a little low. The 32-bit memory limitation of 32-bit apps doesn't change depending on the machine. It's 4GB. Ok, 4GB minus other memory the application is already using. if (evernote_db_size > 3gb || free_memory < evernote_db_size) { radio_button_single.enabled = false; radio_button_mhtml.enable = false; } Furthermore, how about a user friendly message when memory is almost depleted? "
  2. Windows 10. I should have mentioned. On Windows, it's a 32-bit app. No 64-bit app is available (yet?) Evernote Support confirmed the problem I was seeing was client side, with the client exceeding available ram for a 32-bit app during a large export. My "note database" is approaching 5GB, so depending on how they do the export, it's no wonder it is exceeding the ~3.75GB limitation of 32-bit apps. I could probably break the notes into chunks for exporting. The other thought is that maybe using a single HTML or MHTML isn't really a brilliant idea for exporting so many (large) note
  3. I've been trying to keep my Evernote backed up, and attempting to do so in multiple formats to ensure that I have something that can be parsed/imported later. With 4000 notes, including a large number of scanned images and PDFs, the current 32-bit Evernote application crashes when exporting all notes in "Single-page html" or web-archive/mht. It took me a little while to track down what was happening, but essentially Evernote is consuming a large amount of RAM during exporting those formats. The used memory increases until it gets to about 3.5GB and then crashes. The error messages in
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