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  1. I am facing the same problem as the most users in this topic. I have created a notebook and want to share it with my team members. I understand the argumentation to not allow other users to mess with my tags. On the other hand, I understand everybody who wants to decide themselves about this feature. Creating tags inside the note or to the titel is a good workaround. But doing so makes tags completey obsolete. Every user of a shared notebook will write his/her own tags, which ends up in the same mess like I would do with tags. I think the Evernote designers should consider how to so
  2. Hello, I have the same problem. Is there any solution or workaround for that issue? I understand, that it makes sense that not everybody who has access to the shares notebook should be able to add new tags. This should be under control of the notebook admin, who has permission to add something new. Yet already it would make a lot of sense to show users of a shared notebook the already existing tags by giving the suggestions when starting typing the first letters. The same problem occurs in the Evernote app itself. The user of a shared notebook has to know how the tag is w
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