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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply! I would consider subsribing for one month if it does bring my note back, however, would it be able to bring the note back from over three months ago, and taking into account that I was not a member when the note got lost? In other words, did Evernote keep a history of my note which I will be able to access if I subscribe? Also, I dont believe I should pay for the subscription just to solve an error in the app. Is there someway Evernote helps in these situations without me having to pay for my app problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. Dear support, I do not even recall using Evernote on any different platform before the following happened: I just opened the app on my HTC One M9 one and a half month ago (can't remember the android version, but it was up to date) and it kept informing me that there is a sync conflict with a different device on one of my notes (the most crucial one that I use most). After I clicked to update the note, it just went blank and all the data is lost. I have checked the trash and checked on the web version and still nothing. The note is there but it is empty, all the contents are gone. Please help as the information is crucial to me. I have also attached the log from my HTC. logs.zip
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