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  1. Not bad. But I would like to see these fetures inside my adored Evernote.
  2. Having such calendar panel it would be more convenient to use Evernote as a diary. Not my case/ Ihave too many notes on different notebooks. I need to scroll through a few hundred notes to get to the notes three or four months ago.
  3. Please add the ability to display the created notes on the calendar. Based on the date the note was created or the date the note was modified. To make it easier to find a note that "I did once in July on vacation." And also to be able to track the sequence of creating notes. On the attached picture, an approximate view of the desired improvement - on the calendar panel, the dates when notes were created are highlighted. It is also desirable to display part of the note header in the calendar. Best regards. Dionis.
  4. Please add a function similar to the diff-&-merge for resolving "conflicting changes" conflicts? The conflict occurred when you synchronized two notes edited on different devices in off-line mode. Here you can read the heart cry of some Evernote's user with a detailed description of the problem:
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