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  1. The instructions on how to manually remove the image are very helpful. I have created a template to duplicate. However, now I have found another problem. The LinkedIn box is not editable. I found how to do it from the ENEX file, but come on!! If I have to do it this way for every case, then it is not the user friendly app that I am willing to pay for every month to help me handle the number of business cards I receive every day. All of these workarounds are temporary band aid. I have requested these modifications to the support team months ago and still no action or response. These are not fundamental changes, only simple modifications. Hence, I have to write it again publicly here that this has become frustrating and I do not understand the logic behind the payments I make to have the support. To Evernote, this is one of the reasons that you have @EvernoteSupportSucks. Take action!
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