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  1. Hello, i have a huge problem with a note. I encrypted it and now i can't open it anymore. I can't contact the chat online because they are never online and i can't send a ticket to them. The only thing i see is in the note is this: RU5DMGeYhfkOfCPhNOCCUOvFJWXrMXGa08ZFCmcXbn42Yi0U/ja75FE+JcqlpxCT0+KqMVxnv/iA64zTuFQFn2e4ed8xhKMJxk4BkHfF7/tVSj7HnK+seGb+2rqqBFf9AF5D01W6ZTlsK4OR3xgabEi9eAIrCoMQ6jb4fWMt9BR8xt/q6xyAzKnNGz+RVMcB75qsP438s4hCeLUGTJvIHNJBpODGWz7ukynsCsvIYBTqn9qAW3oBreQ1MnBZnw+q6M5ybmc8wG37NDNFXApwwLaX/8QdRak94T9BCRbxJDVh++7cIpHlhcWARs4H+dmFeWEhVkTo3k9XseZ4enWV4VtJha4tJC2k+NUFK7Lbuvy
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