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  1. I'm really loving Evernote as a productivity platform, but to be honest, the UI just looks like something built in 1999. Even comparing it to Mac, the Mac one looks so much more modern. Yes, it's relatively similar in layout, but I guess I was just hoping for a nice UI, a modern one sort of like OneNote for Windows 10. Colorful, vibrant, sleek. I'm a very visual person and honestly it just looks so ugly, I end up sometimes just using the web version. I signed up for beta, but I'm not familiar with how it works. It auto-downloads? Also, is there a plan to update the UI for Windows?
  2. Thank you! Yes, I do plan to eventually get a Windows machine and was curious if Evernote for Windows played video files within notes, if they were attached or embedded into notes. (MP4, MOV). For example, you make a blog post on WordPress and embed a video. You can play it right from within the post or click to platy externally. Does Evernote play videos from within notes?
  3. I don't have anything but a Chromebook right now, but I'm considering getting a Windows laptop. I have been using Dropbox Paper testing it out and I have to say, I love that you can embed anything into it. Videos, Slides, iFrame, etc. Nearly anything. I know that Evernote has a Web Clipper. I use it. On the software, at least, if I attach a video file to a specific note, does it display the video (click-to-play) from within the Note?
  4. Thank you kindly! Seems like the software is the better route for me.
  5. I'm a little confused, here. Normally, a product, or rather its company, will use logic when it comes to pricing and features. A lot of people use the web in general (not only for Evernote but online tools). If one uses Evernote Web, do any additional features get unlocked for Web use if you upgrade to Plus? I got Plus yesterday, knowing there wouldn't be a huge difference, but I'd like to hear thoughts or feedback on this. I'm using a Chromebook currently, so it's not like I can download Evernote because Evernote hasn't created an actual offline app in the Chrome Web Store. Having said that, I'd like some feedback on this. Those who do use Evernote Plus or Premium (the software on Windows or Mac) is it worth it? How can Evernote Web be utilized for what I pay for the upgrade?
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