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  1. Hi. I'm a first time board poster, and a user of Evernote for a few months now. I just wanted to say that I think this approach is very sad (not a shot at you, but at the ecosystem solution as a whole) as it demonstrates that Evernote cannot: Teach people to use to use the existing system. Update itself to the needs of paying customers. Its not much more complicated that this. After reading around the forum (and actually coming across your excellent contributions Jefito multiple times), it seems as if evernote does have 3-tier nesting solutions built into the software through the tagging function. That said, noone told me that I had to use the tagging function to accomplish this upfront when I downloaded the app. Instead, I could make notebooks and notebook stacks. Nowhere is it even mentioned officially that to go to a level "below" a notebook, I have to use hierarchical tags. That is actually very counter-intuitive. If someone had told me that this was the only structure supported to accomplish a basic folder hierarchy like: Education -> Economics -> Econ 201 I would have been more reserved in getting a membership in the first place. Its honestly pretty disappointing that I had to come to the boards to learn how to implement it, if making hierarchical tags is such a potent way to organize the system. Teach me when I open up the app somehow. Advertise this feature. Beyond that, if such a sizeable fraction of the userbase wants this feature, Evernote should be chomping at the bit to give it to them, frankly. What happened to the customer is always right? I'm not even saying make up a whole new system to make this work. What if they just added a "folder view" for hierarchical tags inside a notebook, and made the folder tag easy to give to notes that were added? That would be a perfectly functional solution in my uneducated view. If such a feature already exists, its been poorly marketed and taught as I mentioned earlier, because I've been using Evernote for over a year and didn't known it existed. Its been over 8 years. Its not particularly acceptable for any company to fail to resolve their customers problems for that long. This is really not acceptable. And FWIW, I think that all this pontification on the paradigm shift that searching and tags based structures bring (that I have seen on the boards generally) is condescending at best and ignorant at worst. The whole notion is very offputting to people who want to learn about the application. Don't essentially tell me to "put up or shut up" with this particular feature. I am a paying customer just like all the people who like the system as it is, and I love all of the other features of Evernote. I'm not wrong for asking for this. I just want to see all of my sub-categories beneath a notebook or something close to that, in addition to all the other goodies that evernote has going for it. In any case, I'm off to learn how to use hierarchical tags through one of the fancy guides that I saw around when I was researching this. Best regards.
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