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  1. Came to these forums to report on this. There are several annoyances in the design related to this, on both Windows and IOS: When app-switching in the Windows app, cursor focus gets lost. When creating a new note, the default behavior is that the app on both Windows and IOS moves the cursor, even if you have started typing. This is seriously disturbing. It seems some function that comes late in chronological order of GUI loading tries to "set the cursor" in a position. Problem is that happens so long after the GUI has been loaded and the user starts typing, that it is a real annoyance. The "function" to move the cursor, if that was the intention, is also hard to understand the benefit from. EDIT After upgrade to (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483), some of the problems still remains. For example, when clicking to insert the cursor at a specific place in the text and then pasting, the view jumps to the bottom of the note and no pasting is done. One has to go back to the wanted place again, click twice, then pasting works.
  2. I would classify this as more or less of a GUI bug. on iOS, you need to repress Enter for a tag to be accepted. This is not the de-facto user adoption or standard expectation of such a GUI and the reason why so many have problems with this. Please change this behavior so that a tag is automatically created when you type a new one that doesn't already exist. Could of course be solved in many different ways to let the user know that this is the new tag. I've been using Evernote for several years and this issue has come up for me several times because I have forgotten the "special way" to solve this in between times.
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