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  1. I wanted to try the new dark mode, which is being nagged on every screen of Evernote and Evernote help. However, it didn't appear as an option on my menu. I checked the requirements, and it should work on my version of Android, since the minimum requirement is Android 5.0, and I have Android 5.1.1. Then I checked my Evernote version and discovered I have Android 8.5.2, whereas dark mode requires 8.6. But "check for updates" is greyed out in the Evernote interface, and when I go to GooglePlay to update, I only see, "Your device isn't compatible with this version." If Evernote is supporting new features for Android back to 5.0, shouldn't it still be supporting updates for later versions of Android?? And if Evernote has stopped supporting my version of Android, a). Let me know - I would never have discovered I couldn't update if I hadn't been trying to enable dark mode, and b). don't aggressively promote features that are not actually available to me.
  2. I got that from your promoting the desktop app instead of working on the problem with the web app. Free accounts only permit one installation of the desktop app, so that becomes a promotion of the paid version to people who already have the desktop application installed on another computer. I work for a very small nonprofit. We have one computer, and I'm the IT department. Evernote used to work fine here, and we haven't changed anything on our end. As for reporting the issue, Gregory P. Martin (the OP) did that more than 3 weeks ago, and I seconded the question, which has yet to receive a response from Evernote.
  3. I have also been having this problem with Evernote web for a couple of months, initially just with FireFox, but now with Chrome as well. Can't install a second desktop version on my work computer, so this is turning into a real dealbreaker. The ability to have an account that I could use across my personal devices and at work without leaving my personal info on a work computer was the whole point of Evernote. This problem has been dragging on for months despite numerous reports and several updates, none of which resolved the problem. Looks like I am going to have to find another program. I can't spend 15 minutes dickering with Evernote every time I fire up my work computer, and I can't help feeling (giving gazumped's post above) that this is something Evernote did on purpose (or at least, isn't very motivated to fix) to drive more people to the paid version, since you can only have one desktop installation with the free version. Bad strategy, people. Consumers tend not to buy things that don't work.
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