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  1. I have some problems. 1. templates are messed up "Some pasted content were missing styles" This problem still exists. Many of my note contents are missing styles. It got better than 6.11ver. but HTML format is still messed up. And templates that I made by editing html doesn't look the way it used to be. It also looks right in web ver. Here is an example. (padding is lost, indent is messed up) Here is what it looks like in Web ver. Here is another example. Templates copied from official website in Japan doesn't show properly. I've used these templates by copy and paste from evernote official website in Japan because the website says "use these by copy and paste" It looks right before but now 6.11 and 6.11.1Beta doesn't show it properly. Here is what it looks like on 6.11.1Beta ver. Here is what it looks like on Web ver. 2. table When I change the background color of a table to any color, font color changes to black at the same time. So I have to change the font color again. 3. Searching Sometimes when I search something, search results show notes that doesn't contain the word I want to search. So some of the notes that's showing doesn't highlight any words because it doesn't contain the words. As a result, search results are so many that it takes long time to find the note I want to use. I think it mostly happens when the keywords contain basic words, like "it's", "that's", "a" etc. (or phrases that contain apostrophe?? )
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