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  1. First of all, it took me forever to find out how to crop a photo in Evernote. Put "crop photo" into the Search menu and nothing really relevant pops up. Please fix this. You call it "annotating" a photo. I call it crop. Ask any photographer if they annotate or crop. Second, if I have to crop, say, 30 photos, for instance, I have to manually pick each photo from the annotate menu, do my crop, save, go back to annotate menu and repeat. You could cut down on the number of steps required if I could just go to "next" photo (EN automatically saves my previous crop) and do my adjust. Next, adjust, next, adjust, next, adjust, etc. EASY, instead of always forced to return to the little annotate icon to pick another photo. Third, I take a lot of photos sitting in class of whiteboards and TV displays and LED projections. A lot of times they can be hard to read because the color balance is way off, or the contrast is low, or color is washed out. PLEASE add a set of simple tools where I can adjust the quality of the photo. AND be sure to enable me to apply that adjustment to each photo with a simple paste command. I do not want to have to do it manually again for each of those numerous photos in that notebook. Thank you, I hope this will be forwarded to a development team there.
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