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  1. I did the test and it works. The activation also works, did the test on a new machine. @Sushi1808, thank you for fixing the problem & I did a little donation for your work.
  2. Hello Cruller, I mean the program. I found the 1.5.9 version on softonic (not my favorite download site) https://evernote-sticky-notes.en.softonic.com/download
  3. I made a new Sticky Note installation work by doing the following actions. The only thing you need is a working and activated Sticky Note installation. 1) download the Sticky Note executable from the internet 2) Zip the existing working Sticky Note folder (I closed my Sticky Note before zipping --> avoid possible file locks) 3) export the registry key at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EDO-Soft\Sticky Notes] 4) Install the Sticky Notes (1.5.9) on the new computer and close it completely when asked for the activation 5) unzip & overwrite the files in the new Evernote Sticky Note folder with the old files 6) double-click on the reg file you created previously and add it to the registry on the new computer 7) start Sticky Note on the new computer and it should work This workaround is only viable as long as the key is activated, my key expires in June 2017. You can find it in your Evernote Applications tab. I hope somebody will develop or support Sticky Notes further, I find it a really useful addition to Evernote. Maybe Evernote can develop something like Sticky Notes or incorporate the application completely
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