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  1. I did the test and it works. The activation also works, did the test on a new machine. @Sushi1808, thank you for fixing the problem & I did a little donation for your work.
  2. Hello Cruller, I mean the program. I found the 1.5.9 version on softonic (not my favorite download site) https://evernote-sticky-notes.en.softonic.com/download
  3. I made a new Sticky Note installation work by doing the following actions. The only thing you need is a working and activated Sticky Note installation. 1) download the Sticky Note executable from the internet 2) Zip the existing working Sticky Note folder (I closed my Sticky Note before zipping --> avoid possible file locks) 3) export the registry key at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EDO-Soft\Sticky Notes] 4) Install the Sticky Notes (1.5.9) on the new computer and close it completely when asked for the activation 5) unzip & overwrite the files in the new Eve
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